Decades back MOTION magazine was originated, edited and published by PETER EVANCHUCK with the invaluable assistance of James McLarty, Grant Patterson, Claudia Wittgens, Graeme Box and Anika Turk - MOTION covered exclusively CANADIAN FILM, THEATRE and TV and for almost ten years was and perhaps still is the only publication of its sort. Evanchuck, now in his elder years, intends to gather all issues, scan them and make them avialable to all interested persons - MOTION is a vital part of Canada's History and shouldn't be forgotten, Stay tuned.... more coming sooner than later...

BELOW is a taste of what each issue contains and a short excerpt from these historic articles::

Thursday 8 December 2011

MOTION MAGAZINE March - April 1973

In This Issue  :  Arthur  Hill Director :  Oh Canada ( Film Industry Between 1919- 1930 )  :  An Interview With Don Shebib  :  The World According To John Herbert  :  Student Standpoint On Super 8  :  The Great Debate on Super 8  :  It's Only Skin Deep ( A Look At Toronto's Skin Houses )  :  Conversation With Arla Saare ( Female Film Editor )  :  Show Bits  :   Class Of  '73 (A Look At York University's 4th Year Students )  :  Toronto Theater Scene  :  In Halifax With Keith Turnbull At The Second Stage  :  Comments  :  It's Technical  :  Upcoming Film & TV Festivals


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