Decades back MOTION magazine was originated, edited and published by PETER EVANCHUCK with the invaluable assistance of James McLarty, Grant Patterson, Claudia Wittgens, Graeme Box and Anika Turk - MOTION covered exclusively CANADIAN FILM, THEATRE and TV and for almost ten years was and perhaps still is the only publication of its sort. Evanchuck, now in his elder years, intends to gather all issues, scan them and make them avialable to all interested persons - MOTION is a vital part of Canada's History and shouldn't be forgotten, Stay tuned.... more coming sooner than later...

BELOW is a taste of what each issue contains and a short excerpt from these historic articles::

Thursday 8 December 2011


In This Issue  :  The Unions  :  Confrontation ( Uneasy situation for working foreign actors )  :  The Immigration Delimma  :  A Case In Point ( an overview with Barbara Hamilton )  :  Canadian Actors are 2nd Class Actors  :  Kickbacks & G-Strings ( Equity in Theater )  :  The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword ( but only after the contract has been signed )  :  IATSE'S Parallax View  :  Waiting Game  :  NABET ( Walking in a Perpetual Shadow )  :  Lloyd Robertson Joins CTV (News Team Over Union Limitations )  :  Should We or Shouldn't We ( An Animators' Union )  :  On Location with 'Days Of Heaven'  : You'll Never Miss It ( Barry Manillow Soundtract )  :  Cinepix, Cannes & Ilsa ( Movies Made in Montreal )  :  A Super 8 Festival  & Super 8 Notes  :  About Co-Productions ( Producer Deanne Judson of 'Ragtime Summer' )  :  The Wizard Workshop ( Mordecai Richler's Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang )  :  How Awful is Awful ( Coming to terms with lousy movies )  :  It's Technical  (Multi-Layer Coating System and What Does it Mean to Cameramen )  :  From Our Readers  :  Classifieds  :  Show Bits


ARTICLES BY:  James McLarty, Gunter Ott, Alderman Ben Nobleman, Boyd Neil, Daniel McEwen, Brian Jeffrey Street, Grant Patterson, Jack Dunlop, Michael Ryval, N'eema Lakin, Rick Drew, Dorothy Cole, Felicia Zabo, Robert Hookey, Helen English, Rory Runnells, Rick Shale, Gerd Kurz,


  1. I'm trying to find more info about the film in the Barry Manilow article. Do you have this issue?

  2. What a delight to discover an article I had written (and forgotten) from the early days of the Canadian film industry. Thanks Peter for digitizing these pieces that document the important early struggles in the business. Now I have to dig out my old copies of Motion, Cinema Canada and That's Showbusiness to remember what else I wrote. - Gunter Ott