Decades back MOTION magazine was originated, edited and published by PETER EVANCHUCK with the invaluable assistance of James McLarty, Grant Patterson, Claudia Wittgens, Graeme Box and Anika Turk - MOTION covered exclusively CANADIAN FILM, THEATRE and TV and for almost ten years was and perhaps still is the only publication of its sort. Evanchuck, now in his elder years, intends to gather all issues, scan them and make them avialable to all interested persons - MOTION is a vital part of Canada's History and shouldn't be forgotten, Stay tuned.... more coming sooner than later...

BELOW is a taste of what each issue contains and a short excerpt from these historic articles::

Thursday 8 December 2011


In This Issue :  The First Human Face On Canadian TV ( Percy Saltzman Host Of Canada AM )  :  The 3rd International Festival of Cinema in 16mm  :  Showbits  :  Directions ( The Directors Guild )  :  Introduction to Portrait of Some French Canadian Filmmakers  :  Time's On My Side ( A Look at Luce Guilbeault )  :  Soundman ( Film Director and Sound Engineer Marcel Carriere )  :  Life As A Dream - Film As Reality ( Young Quebec Filmmaker Mireille Dansereau )  :  The Pilons - Canada's Answer to Matinee Idols ( Brother Actors Danielle & Donald Pilon )  :  The Sense Of Comedy ( Talk With Director Denis Heroux )  :  Labreque - An Image ( Interview With Director& Cameraman Jean-Claude Labreque )  :  The Champagne of Script Assistants ( Canada's Most Competent Script Assistant )  :  Life Times Nine ( Teen Short Film Festival )  :  Claude Jutra - Filmmaker ( Interview with Director Claude Jutra )  :  I Want It All ( Interview With Genevieve Bujold )  :  Vancouver Film Scene  :  Cine Bookshelf  :  It's Technical  :  Canadian Filmviews  :  From Our Readers  :  More Energy Please ( The Energy Crisis In Theater )  Ottawa Experiment ( Univeristy of Ottawa's Experiment in Theater )  :  Theater Scene ( Vancouver )  :  A View Of Us ( Keir Dullea's Take on Working in Film In Canada )

articles by:  Peter Melnychuk , Alexander Hausvater, Evelyn McCartney, P. M.Evanchuck, James McLarty, Claudia Wittgens, Joseph Heald, David Beard, Nat Shuster, Robin Dorrell, Gareth Sirotnik


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